mother and daughter writers

nikki meredith

nikki meredith, mother

Nikki Meredith has wended her way though a rich and varied professional life as a probation officer, family therapist, magazine writer, name developer, NPR reporter, award-winning Bay Area journalist and finally to fiction writing. A lifelong Californian, Meredith still remembers the orange groves that perfumed the southern California spring and the days when parents smoked marijuana at Mill Valley Little League games.

caitlin meredith

caitlin meredith, daughter

Caitlin Meredith has also wended. She worked for several years as an epidemiologist for Doctors Without Borders in Africa chasing various epidemics. Then came journalism school in Texas (almost as exotic) and various writing endeavors. Other aspects of her “career” resemble a witness protection plan participant rather than traditional resume builders. Between selling burritos in the Latin Quarter in Paris to leading children’s museum tours in Chicago to guiding luxury adventure travelers biking through Southern Italy, there’s been a little bit of everything. The camel in the photo tried to bite her after the “fun” ride.