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four days of mamas and babies: photos of blanket feeding distribution in south sudan

by caitlin meredith

beautiful mama with her hungry baby

In my first semester of public health school I took a course on refugee health. One of the nutritional programs my instructor talked about was “blanket feeding.” Every time she said the word “blanket” I imagined a huge Iowa-sized quilt descending on a refugee camp in the night, stretching to cover each tent. This week, more than ten years later, I finally saw one in action.

There are feeding programs for kiddos in many (but not all) of our emergency medical programs. Most of the time they are targeted to malnourished children only; the rest of the kids rely on general food distributions done by the World Food Program (WFP.) Once in a while WFP can also offer blanket feeding, which is like a general distribution but only for kids in a specific age range (usually under five years old.) We don’t usually do them since food distribution is a specialty in and of itself, but we stepped in this time since no one else could do it. Read the rest of this entry »

first days in jamam refugee camp, south sudan: a photo essay

by caitlin meredith

MSF plane that flew us from Juba, landed on Adan air strip

my tent is the third on the right – every morning I expect a bugle boy wake up but none so far

Stefanos, the Nigerian feeding center nurse in the forefront. Prominently displayed compound clothesline in background. Don’t look for my knickers. Haven’t tackled that project yet. 45 people, 2 “shower” cubicles, just to the right of the clotheslines. Make it quick. Read the rest of this entry »

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